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At Secret Training, we like to think of every last thing when it comes to helping you meet your goals, which is why we have produced a fantastic range of accessories to assist you before, during and after your training or competition.

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Our range of accessories includes:

  • Start oil - Protect your skin from the elements
  • Anti-chafing cream - Protect against saddle sores and skin afflictions
  • Sun screen - Protect against the sun's harmful rays
  • Post-race wash - Clean yourself up when no shower is available
  • Micro-fibre body cloths - Quickly wipe yourself down post-race
  • Hand sanitiser - Protect against germs at all times
  • Drinks bottles - Drink on the go
  • Lip balm - Soothe and protect your lips
  • Hygiene wipes - Quickly clean and refresh yourself on race day
  • Pins in a tin - Pin your race number with ease

Founded by European champion track cyclist Tim Lawson, Secret Training makes products by athletes, for athletes. We know what sportspeople need, and this is reflected in our ever-evolving range of products.