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Fussy about socks?
Nice patterns are great, but most importantly a sock has got to feel right with no nasty seams in the wrong place.

Katie designed them and our friends at Q36.5 brought them to life.  
Get them while you can before Katie decides a fresh pair for every cyclocross is a good idea:-


The Ultra was designed for the elite cyclist who prefers to wear a tighter fitting shoe for a more direct peddling sensation and thus requires the thinnest sock that technology permits.

This seamless tube sock is knitted using an ultra-fine, incredibly soft microfilament with smart fibre and a high elastane content ensuring a snug fit and zero crease interface with the shoe.

A new pattern construction offers strategic mesh panels for breathability and 3 multi-channel ribbed padding zones: one in the metatarsal area, one to protect the Achilles tendon and one at the instep of the foot. 


62% Polyamide 6.6, 15% Polypropylene, 23% Elastane


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