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What is Secret Training?

Secret Training is the brainchild of European champion track cyclist Tim Lawson, an elite masters athlete with more than 20 years’ experience developing the best sports nutrition products.

Tim and the team want to create nutritional products made by athletes, for athletes. However, it’s not only sportspeople who can benefit from Secret Training’s products.

Energise - Boost energy levels when required
Real Fruit Energy Gel
Advanced isotonic energy gel
Energy Gel with Caffeine & Betaine
Energy mix drink powder
Hydrate - Keep hydrated at all times
Super hydration drink mix powder
Drinks bottle
Recover - ReBuild and repair your body after exertion
Whey protein drink mix
Protein gel
Care - care For your body before, during and after exertion
Race day personal care pack
Anti-chafing cream
Lip Balm
Post-race wash
Hygiene wipes
Start oil
Pins in a tin
Micro-fibre body cloths
Sun screen
Hand sanitiser
Who uses Secret Training?
Endurance Athletes
Ourdoor Challengers
Anyone Else!