UKSPORTSCHAT Stealth Drink powder and Gels review

UKSPORTSCHAT Stealth Drink powder and Gels review

Watermelon Flavor

The taste of the drink mix tastes good. Was not sure what to expect from watermelon. The tablet form is more transportable for long rides as you can just bring a few replacement tablets versus a bag of powder. The mix is a high concentration of carbohydrates and magnesium both which are great for long rides. I like that it is suitable for vegans as well.

Stealth Advanced Isotonic Energy Gel – Forest Fruits Flavor. Flavor was nice on this gel, not too strong. Found the packaging quite tough to bite through. Went down easy, although doubt I could take three in one hour as the directions suggest.

Real Fruit Energy Gel

Stealth Advanced Real fruit energy gel – mango and passion fruit flavor. This gel is awesome. It tastes great, thicker so nice texture. Found that I was looking forward to having more along the cycle. It went down smoothly and no upset tummy. A treat to eat on the bike.

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