Mould wins for JLT in Skipton

Posted on 6 Jul 2017 09:44:53 Posted By Denise Lawson

Mould wins for JLT in Skipton
The race was dominated by JLT Condor from the gun and eventually Jon Mould broke free to establish a 13 second lead. He was later joined by team mate Tom Moses, who helped to drive the pace and establish a lead over the bunch. 

Bike Channel Canyon's Harry Tanfield attacked the field to ride across to the duo. He was closely marked by Matt Gibson and the duo of leaders soon became a quartet. 
Into the final laps of the race, Tom Moses and Matt Gibson fired off attacks forcing Harry Tanfield to chase them down each time. Into the sprint finish the tactical game of cat and mouse had taken the spark from Tanfield and Jon Mould claimed a stunning victory. 
Matt Gibson rounded out the podium in third.